There is so much gratitude to be shared for all of Krishna’s service to the world. Enjoy the video and read a few tributes below. Thank you so very much for making this a magical evening!

Krishna is a blessing! - Ginger Chulack

There is so much love in my heart for Krishna ! - Janice Ramkalawan


I remember the first time I met Krishna at The Awareness Center in Pasadena in 2005. Her energy, strength, joy and elevation uplifted us all! The energy at Krishna's 80th Celebration is going to open a vortex on May 4th!

- GuruBachan Kaur Wong


I believe in and have gratitude for Krishna's many offerings to the community. She is a warrior woman for peace and harmony in this world. I'm so sorry to miss this event. Love and blessings to Krishna a wishes for many more years !! - Nobuko Miyamoto


Krishna's personal practice informs her teachings. She is a living master and I'm honored to have the opportunity to affirm her greatness. - Nzingha Asantewa-Gordon


Let’s celebrate and honor our beautiful teacher who have contribute so much to our world in the pas 40 plus years. - Gail McCann


Krishna is a true beacon of light, beauty, and the strongest force of grace I have known. She has been a teacher to me, and I am in awe of her wondrous strength! Sorry I can not be there in person, but am so happy to contribute to a special day for this Queen of ours! - Therese O'Neill Peters


Krishna ur gifts 2 my life are without measure. U've prayed w me, taught me, slapped me out of my ego LOL and loved me always. Thx u 4 ur teachings & ur love.

- Tajamika Paxton


Krishna lives by the mantra for the Aquarian Age: Keep Up! - Har Simran Kaur Khalsa

I love what Krishna is giving back. - Gurutej Kaur


In gratitude to Krishna for gracing this planet and saying yes to a life of service uplifting and elevating all those she comes in contact with daily and her example of commitment to our future the youth. Sat nam

- Lisa Carroll


Thank you, Krishna for blessing this world with peace, grace, and devotion!

- Surjot Kaur


Love from Teacher Training Executive Committee (TTEC) - Nirvair Khalsa


I love Krishna and Y.O.G.A. for Youth! I am sorry to miss the big event but I will be there in spirit. Sending love from NOLA. - Bonita Day


Krisha is such a kind soul and an inspiration! - Sarah Shanley


I love you Krishna. - Raj Kirin Kaur & Lily goodale


I have worked with youth for over 25 years. I have seen how yoga transforms their lives. I am honored to contribute to Yoga For Youth. - Robin Geselowitz


We Love You 365, Krishna!! - Gary & Mary Hill

Happy birthday Krishna!! -Jimmy & Wrennie


We love Krishna! We love her work! We love her spirit! We love her singing! - MhaAtma Khalsa


Dear One, Your Voice in Music takes me to the heart of God, VERY grateful for the amazing earthiness of Life from which you sing from, pure gift! XXXXXX - Prem Siri


Happy birthday Krishna!! You are a blessing to the world. Sorry we couldn’t make the party. - Tarabu Betserai Kirkland


I love to support the cause. - Silvia Peluso

In honor of Krishna Kaur. - Evelyn Golden


Krishna has had a huge impact on our work with children and has shown an incredible amount of support and unconditional love, she is a woman of grace and authenticity and we are forever grateful for her wisdom and dedication to adults and youth. - Dawn Geer & Greg Thiry


When I met Krishna on a yoga exchange trip to Cuba in 1999, it was my first exposure to Kundalini yoga, after years of Iyengar . During that first class with her, something stirred in me, and I resolved that I wanted what she had--the power, radiance, and inner strength and light! Another Kundalini teacher finally came to Santa Rosa where I live and I began twice a week classes in 2001. After a few Yoga for Youth trainings over the next few years, the time was right for me to begin Krishna's teacher training in Los Angeles in 2009. Those 10 months were absolutely transformational, and I would say without exaggeration that it saved my life. The intimate setting of her Cloverdale Dr living room with a small group was just what I needed to be able to "suspend my disbelief", embrace the teachings (well, maybe not so much the cold shower at 3:30 AM thing....), and just trust the whole intense process of level 1 TT to rebuild my blown out nervous system, become more clear, focused and present, and better to serve in the world. I owe all to not just the teachings, but to my dear divine mother, teacher, forklift and lighthouse Krishna who delivered them with such love, power and unconditional support and encouragement . - Gail Dubinsky

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